Moddroid Themes Premium is a wordpress themes that is made specifically to make your easier creating content site with Extractor Google Play Store of blog apk downloads in the without to manually post apk..

Moddroid Themes Premium from helps you create thousands of websites without having to think about filling in content, without being tired create content. Of course with this themes you can save your time, energy and internet quota. Moddroid Themes Premium Provides many cool and interesting features that will help you create and manage website content in a very magical way. The available features include:

  • Perfectly Structured Data - Check
  • Mobile Friendly Design - Check
  • Responsive
  • Extract Apk and Grab From Google Play Store
  • Grab Images from playstore with filter by category
  • Automatic Generate Content / Manual Content
  • Own Image or Hotlink Image
  • Page Download
  • Category Otomatis
  • SEO Friendly
  • Featured Game or Apps Widget
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Adsense Ready
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Google Play and Download Buttons
  • Most Popular Games & Apps Page
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Recent Posts Widget
  • Well Documentation
  • Automatic Generate Post A collection of millions of Playstore App IDs that are ready to run to create automatic posts, work to create automatic articles.
  • Campaign for Autoblog Take control of automatic article scheduling through a campaign that can schedule posts based on minute settings.
  • One Click Grab Apps ID It's easy to get the apps ID from the playstore for the purpose of making automatic posts.
  • Bulk Post Apps You can immediately publish thousands of articles with one click and automatically create articles.
  • Filter Grab Apps by Category To get apps data by app category.
  • Automatic Category Post No need to manually create categories, because Moddroid V3 will create categories automatically according to the campaign.
  • Get Apps by Search Search for applications in the playstore by name, then one click you get the APP ID.
  • Auto Generate Download LINK's feature that makes Moddroid V3 able to create automatic download links according to each APK.
  • Page Download The download page (page download link) has the most chance of placing banner ads such as Adsense.
  • Customize Post Templates Create templates for automatic articles, custom with the source code that we have provided on the post template page.
  • Save Image in Sarver / Hotlink Image You can choose to save the image on the server or just use a hotlink. Save image in server is recommended to strengthen website SEO. but if your hosting only has a little disk, you can activate the HOTLINK image feature.
  • Smart Download Timing This smart feature prevents other web sites from being able to use the download link from your blog. because the download link continues to change automatically every 24 hours.
  • Free WordPress Themes to make web downloads look cooler, we have provided wp themes that are suitable for use with Moddroid Themes Premium. And this theme we provide free for you.
  • FREE Update & Support Don't be confused if there are problems with Themes, because it can be resolved by updating to the new version, or we can also support problems with our products.

Information extractor from Google Play Store

The Theme comes free with a function to extract content from Google Play Store. This will help you create your posts in a faster way.

With Moddroid Themes Premium you are no longer wasteful of quotas, waste of time and waste of energy just to make web downloads. You only have to set-up in a matter of minutes so that you can generate thousands or even hundreds of thousands of content to fill the thousands of websites that you manage and will be scheduled and run automatically.

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